Real Property

Municipalities must deal with real estate they own and maintain. DD West LLP works with municipalities to meet their obligations by utilizing practitioners with broad experience in many different areas of municipal real estate services. We have a broad and in-depth knowledge of real estate matters affecting municipalities and public sectors. Our team can provide advice and assistance on all aspects of real property law including the following matters:

  • land purchases and sales
  • right-of-way agreements
  • subdivisions
  • development agreements
  • leases
  • easements
  • road openings and closures

Characteristic Work and Projects:

Our experience includes the negotiation and drafting of agreements and leases, assisting with obtaining financial assistance if required, reviewing matters for compliance with development plans, and zoning by-laws. We prepare for municipalities purchase and sale agreements, complex subdivision applications and sale of lands, land acquisitions and sales, road acquisitions and sales, leasing, licensing, restricted covenants, utility rights of way, conservation agreements, access agreements, expropriations, and gravel leases.

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