Property Tax Enforcement

Collecting tax arrears can be a time consuming and uncomfortable situation for a municipality. At DD West LLP, we have significant experience in handling tax enforcement collections.

We work in conjunction with your staff and will keep you apprised of the tax enforcement process. Once you have provided us with the list of rolls in arrears, we will oversee the registration of the Notice of Tax Sale at the appropriate land titles office on the affected titles, the issuing and serving of the Notices of Tax Sale Auction, and the publication of the Notice of Tax Sale Auction. Where required, our services include conducting investigations required to obtain substitutional service orders. If a property is not redeemed from tax sale prior to the auction, we will arrange for preparation of the Auction Conditions to be used at the sale.

Following a sale, our office will complete the documents necessary to effect transfer of the title to the new owner and, where appropriate, will handle the notification of the sale and transfer to all parties having an interest in the property.

We work with municipal staff to ensure ratepayers are afforded all possible avenues open to them to redeem the property from the tax sale process.

We have assisted municipalities in tax sale adjournments and in the creation of agreements with ratepayers for the payment of arrears.

It is important to us that every ratepayer have as much information and knowledge available to them of the tax sale process and the opportunities available to them to redeem their property from the tax sale process.

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