Municipal Information Line

Minutes of Time Now Can Save Thousands of Dollars in the Future

At DD West LLP, we encourage our clients to call us early in any legal matter. As part of this philosophy, we are excited to launch our "Municipal Information Line" program* for your use and benefit.  By taking a few minutes of your time now and speaking with our experienced team of legal advisors, you could potentially avoid significant legal problems in the future, as well as saving you time and costs associated with addressing those problems later. 

This informal consultation process is offered free of charge to municipal, quasi-municipal, and public sector entities. The earlier we are contacted, the more thoughtfully and efficiently we are able to guide our clients through the options available to them. This allows us to successfully narrow options down to ones yielding the most cost efficient and expedient outcomes.

Prior to providing this service, we will need to know the names of all parties involved to ensure no conflicts of issue could arise.  We will also need to know the basic facts surrounding the nature of the call. 

Please contact us by phone or email:  
204.480.6610 or 1.888.480.0945

* This service relates to general legal advice that may be provided over the phone or by email and does not include the provision of legal opinions, legal research, or the preparation of any written materials.