During Examinations for Discovery “undertakings” are sometimes given. These are requests to provide copies of documents or provide information that were not or were unable to be provided during the actual Examinations for Discovery.

Pre-Trial Conference

Once the transcripts from the Examinations of Discovery are reviewed and all responses to the undertakings given have been exchanged, the case is prepared for “pre-trial”. A “pre-trial” is a meeting between the lawyers and a judge at which time the judge assesses if the parties have completed all necessary steps and are ready to proceed to a trial.


The trial is the process of putting the case, through documents and through witnesses, before the court for determination of the issues. Preparing for a trial involves many hours of evidence review and summarization, legal research, and witness preparation. Aside from putting forth the evidence for consideration by the judgment, a significant amount of time is spent preparing arguments to be used during the trial to establish the legal positions for your case.