Environmental Sustainability

Our Environmental Commitment

It is important for every organization to recognize the significance of environmental stewardship in the workplace and at DD West LLP we do. We consider our environmental impact with each decision we make.  Just as we are always looking to create opportunities for our clients, we are also creating new ways to reduce our corporate carbon footprint.  

We believe the importance of environmental stewardship is to remain positive and remember that every little bit helps. At DD West LLP, we understand the global challenges of environmental stewardship, so we apply our philosophies of determination, perseverance and long-term vision to achieve best results in all areas of our practice, including our daily operations. At DD West LLP our bottom line is that we are committed to incorporating best practices for environmental sustainability for years to come.  

Adopting new practices 

DD West LLP is proudly recognized as a progressive law firm.  Since the firm began, the vision of our partners has been to adopt a practice known as the “Automated Law Practice”, also referred to as Law 2.0.  Using these principles, most communication is conveyed using electronic methods and legal documents are mainly produced electronically.  All documents received by the firm are scanned and processed electronically.  This not only reduces paper consumption and the fuel associated with generating paper, but also creates a substantial reduction in required storage space.

The firm has also adopted the Green Law Office Program by Canadian Bar Association’s guideline. We currently have a few procedures in place that follow these principles:

1. Reducing electricity and energy

Office lights are turned off at the end of each day.  Conference room lights are only used during meetings.  

During the day, we reduce indoor lighting by relying on natural light where possible for health benefits, as well as to help sustain the many beautiful plants we have thriving throughout the office.

2. Recycling office supplies

The firm uses recycle bins throughout the office and has instructional signage to ensure accurate sorting of waste. The firm participates in a recycling program for paper products, cans, bottles and used printer toner cartridges in order not to contribute to growing landfills.

In addition, the firm has used the services of local recycling organizations to donate used computers, printers, and other electronic equipment for repurposing within the community.

We also use cloths for cleaning and use natural cleansers whenever possible. We repurpose old supplies and furniture whenever we can and donate any materials we cannot repurpose to local charities.

3. Public means of transport and telecommunication

Many of our employees use public transit, carpool, walk or bike to work.

We provide our lawyers and staff with the independence and resources to work from home when needed. This helps reduce the carbon footprint by reducing harmful emissions into the environment and the necessary space required to run our successful firm.

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