Environmental Law

Environmental issues have never been as much in the public eye and as great a concern to the public as in today’s times. With more and more sensitivity to environmental protection and possible negative effects of industry being brought into public awareness, having proper legal advice on the liabilities and rights of municipal governments is imperative. Oil and gas and water rights are key issues in Western Canada and Northwestern Ontario and the laws and legislation continue to evolve in this area.

DD West LLP provides assistance with the protection of individual health and welfare as well as protection of the environment and natural resources. Our team constantly monitors new developments in this area of the law and advises our clients on:

  • water rights
  • water and wastewater management
  • land remediation plans
  • environmental licenses
  • zoning effects
  • due diligence/environmental assessments
  • aggregate development

We have a broad range of services to assist our clients with appearances required before environmental and regulatory boards, tribunals, or court processes.

Emerging Issue(s)

Important legal issues currently attracting attention are: 

  • climate change
  • the provision of broadband fibre optic cabling services to rural and remote communities
  • immigration
  • "duty to consult" and a "duty to accommodate" by municipalities to First Nations. Recent trends in case law across Canada indicate that municipalities may have a duty to consult and accommodate First Nations’ interests and concerns with regards to issues surrounding natural resources.

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