Arbitration and Mediation

Mediation-arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution process that uses mediation and arbitration to resolve legal issues between parties without going to court. Parties to a dispute may bypass the courts entirely; by agreeing to submit various disputes to arbitration and/or engaging in external mediation processes. It is often preferred as it is a faster mechanism to resolve matters between parties. It is a voluntary process and all parties have to agree to utilize it. 

These more streamlined and flexible approaches typically occur in a labour context, or in a range of commercial and public sector settings. They involve grievance and interest arbitrations; contractual disputes; construction projects; accounting and valuation; and structured specific industry or departmental mechanisms.

Mediations and Arbitrations have specialized rules designed to enhance the fairness and efficiency of the process. Our lawyers will assist you in your mediation or arbitration both representing parties as counsel, or serving as the appointed arbitrator or mediator entrusted with that fundamental role.

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