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Minutes of Time Now Can Save You Thousands of Dollars in the Future

We encourage our clients to call us early in any legal matter. As part of this philosophy, we are excited to launch our “Municipal Information Line” program* for your use and benefit. By taking a few minutes of your time now and speaking with our experienced team of legal advisors, you could potentially avoid significant legal problems in the future, as well as saving you time and costs associated with addressing those problems later.

This informal consultation process is offered free of charge to municipal, quasi-municipal, and public sector entities. The earlier we are contacted, the more thoughtfully and efficiently we are able to guide our clients through the options available to them. This allows us to successfully narrow options down to ones yielding the most cost efficient and expedient outcomes.

* This service relates to general legal advice that may be provided over the phone or by email and does not include the provision of legal opinions, legal research, or the preparation of any written materials.

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Minutes of Time Now Can Save Thousands of Dollars in the Future

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Significant Projects, Cases And Achievements

  • Red River Floodway Expansion Project
  • First Collective Agreement in Manitoba for a volunteer fire department
  • 2009 Flood - Buyout Project of Properties of Affected Landowners
  • Human Rights Matters
  • Amalgamation of Powerview and Pine Falls municipalities
  • Interest Arbitration for Municipalities
  • Bourgouin v. Rosser (Rural Municipality) et al., 2014 MBCA 103
  • Rural Municipality of West St. Paul, Decision and Order of the Municipal Board of Manitoba - Board Order No. E-15-101 of September 15, 2015 - Local Improvement Plan
  • Rural Municipality of Rosser, Decision and Order of the Municipal Board of Manitoba - Board Order No. E-16-171 of December 7, 2016 - Local Improvement and Borrowing - Change in the law of "necessary and expedient" needs of a municipality
  • Centreport development
  • 4517289 Manitoba Ltd. oa TAC Ventures Inc. v. Town of Neepawa et al. 2018 MBQB 201
  • 6165347 Manitoba Inc. et al. v. City of Winnipeg et al. 2020 MBQB 60
  • 6901124 Manitoba Ltd. et al. v. Rural Municipality of Rosser et al. 2017 MCQB 58
  • Beaulieu v. Alexander (Rural Municipality) 2009 MBQB 258
  • Bourgouin v. The R.M. of Rosser 2013 MBQB 215
  • Brandon (City) v Barcellona, 2000 MBQB 191
  • Canada (Attorney General) v Canadian Real Estate Assn (Canada) 1992 CarswellNat 660
  • City of Portage la Prairie et al v Tower Engineering Group Limited Partnership et al. 2019 MCBQ 4
  • Hartney Credit Union Ltd v Manitoba (Provincial Municipal Assessor) 1999 Carswell Man 996
  • Kotowich v Petursson 1994 Carswell Man 107
  • Ladco Company Limited et al v The City of Winnipeg 2019 MBQB 139
  • Mellco Developments Ltd v Portage la Prairie (City), 2001 MBQB 236
  • Premier Home Builders Ltd. v. R.M. Springfield 2004 MBQB 194
  • St Clements (Rural Municipality) v IUOE Local 987 2012 CarswellMan 1
  • The Rural Municipality of MacDonald v. Samborski et al. 2019 MBQB 113