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Orvel L. Currie

Preparatory Education:
B.A., University of Manitoba – 1985
Psychiatric Nursing Diploma – 1982
Legal Education:
LL.B., University of Manitoba - 1989
Admitted to the Law Society of:
Manitoba - 1990
Ontario - 1997
Alberta - 1998
Saskatchewan - 1999
Orvel Currie practices throughout western Canada (Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta) in the areas of corporate commercial law, municipal governance, land development, environmental and energy initiatives.
Orvel has a long history in government relations and a broad range of experience working with all levels of Canadian governments throughout western Canada; including municipal, regional, provincial and federal governments. He regularly advises all levels of governments and quasi-municipal entities on public policy issues and assists them through regulatory matters.
Given his experience across Canada, he is able to bring innovative thinking to the public sector practice areas including employment law, development law, P3 commercial transactions, energy, environmental, regulatory control and real property taxation providing full government legal services.
Orvel has served on, including Chairman of, the Firm's Management Committee and Risk Management Committee.  He has sat as Chairman of the Firm's Strategic Planning and Marketing Committee and is currently Team Leader of the Municipal Practice Law Group.
Orvel Currie provides legal services through Orvel L. Currie Professional Law Corporation.
Legal advisor to municipal corporations, federal and provincial government corporations and the public sector on:
  •  Partnership (private and public), services agreements and the construction and financing of Government Services
  • Governance
  • Commercial contracts
  • Logistics, transportation, shipping
  • Construction
  • Energy and technology issues
  • Annexations, amalgamations and expropriation
  • Planning law and land assessment issues
  • Mining regulations, and management of natural resources
  • Municipal jurisdiction, power and authority issues
  • Municipal government organization, practices and policies
  • Municipal by-laws and enforcement
  • Annexations, amalgamations and expropriation
  • Conflict of interest issues for councillors and staff
  • Freedom of information and protection of privacy (FIPPA) matters
  • Municipal taxation and borrowing
  • Election issues
Labour Relations
  • Employee/employer relations in the context of federal, provincial and municipal governments
  • Employment issues between councillors and staff
  • Collective Bargaining 
  • All areas of employment and labour law, representing both individual and institutional clients
  • Alternative dispute resolution methods including conciliation, mediation and arbitration
  • Drafting and preparation of employment agreements
  • Development of employment policies and practices
  • Negotiations, interpretation and resolution of collective agreement issues
  • Management of human resources and labour issues
Government Infrastructure
  • General government infrastructure and services construction and financing
  • Large project construction and financing of municipal infrastructure and public services, including water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants and lagoons
  • Preparation and review of commercial and construction contracts
  • Preparation and review of development agreements
  • Energy and technology issues
  • Public utilities hearings
P3 Initiatives
  • Advising on procurement and tendering strategies, and drafting tender documents
  • Negotiating on behalf of Public Sector Entities
  • Reviewing the special purpose vehicles for tax-efficiency and reviewing lender structures
  • Reviewing financial structure and reviewing financing documentation
  • Reviewing concession/project agreements and identifying risk issues for participants
  • Proceedings dealing with official planning, zoning and licensing issues
  • Planning law and land assessment issues
  • Mining regulations and management of natural resources including oil and gas rights, mineral and gravel regulations

Representation of government departments and corporations, municipalities and individual companies on environmental issues:
Contaminated Sites
  • Dealing with issues related to contaminated land including remediation of contaminated property
  • Purchase and sale of remediated and contaminated properties
  • Environmental assessment processes and approvals and general advice relating to waste management and disposal and experience negotiating waste management and disposal issues
  • Transportation, handling and disposal of hazardous substances and municipal and hazardous waste management
  • Environmental insurance, lender protection and liability
Air and Water Regulation
  • Air and water regulation and pollution issues
  • Environmental permitting and critical path process for regulatory approvals for environmental approval in water and air licenses
  • Air space rights
Permitting and Approvals
  • Federal and provincial environmental assessment processes and permitting under a broad range of legislation, including the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, the Fisheries Act, the Canada Transportation Act, the environmental protection legislation in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
Oil and Gas
  • Land titles priorities protecting oil and gas rights
  • Petroleum and natural gas land leases and right-of-way agreements
  • Environmental advice on oil and gas projects including water rights
Current Significant Initiatives
  • Legal Counsel to Municipal Entities in the negotiation, construction and development of an intermodal transportation hub with infrastructure expenditures in excess of $400,000,000 and 11,000 developable acres
  • Legal Counsel negotiating on behalf of multiple municipal entities to DBF a $61,000,000 regional water co-op including negotiations with the Canadian government for the renewal and takeover of their water service by the water co-op
  • Legal Counsel to Private Enterprise providing a "Credit Insurance Program” with a license to Aon Canada and reinsured by Markel Insurance Company in the amount of $70,000,000 annually
  • Legal Counsel to Private Enterprise for development of 600 acres of land within a major western Canadian urban centre
  • Legal Counsel to Municipal Entities subject to the amalgamation process under The Municipal Modernization Act (Manitoba)
Significant Historical Initiatives
  • Legal Counsel to Public Sector Entities involving the $600,000,000 dollar expansion of the Red River Floodway including initiating 37 recommendations all accepted through the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission
  • Legal Counsel for Public Sector Entities in the successful negotiation in several First Nations Land Lease including the negotiation the tax consequences under the First Nations Fiscal and Statistical Management Act of Canada
  • Legal Counsel to Public Sector Entities (Provincial and Municipal) in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta
  • Interprovincial agreement for the exportation of potable water across provincial boundaries under the then new governing water laws in western Canada (Saskatchewan/Manitoba)
  • Legal Counsel to Municipal Entities involving the amalgamation of entities into a major metropolitan centre
  • Legal Counsel to engineering experts (hydrological, microbiology and bacteriological) testifying with respect to a contamination event
P3 Historical Initiatives
  • Legal Counsel to Public Sector Entity (Provincial Government Department) on $250,000,000 P3 DBFMO roadway
  • Legal Counsel to Public Sector Entity (Canadian Government Department) on $300,000.000 P3 DBFM roadway
  • Legal Counsel to Public Sector Entity (Canadian Government Department) on $250,000,000 P3 DBFMO to DBF public transit
  • Legal Counsel to Public Sector Entity (water co-op) on $46,000,000 DBFMO
  • Member, Canadian Bar Association
  • Member, Ontario Bar Association
  • Member, Manitoba Bar Association
  • Member, Saskatchewan Bar Association
  • Member, Alberta (Calgary) Bar Association
  • Municipal Governance
  • Municipal Taxation
  • Auditing Municipalities and the legal requirements of Auditors
  • Municipal Amalgamation
  • Municipal Employers and Employment Related Matters, How to Best Manage and Protect the Municipal Employer
  • Human Rights, Workplace Safety and Health and Emerging Rights of Employees
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation in Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
  • Water service and service sharing agreements between large urban centres and surrounding municipalities
  • Municipal "duty to consult” on First Nations matters
  • Capital lot levies, the legal standing for Municipalities in Western Canada
  • The Role of Council and The Role of the Chief Administrative Officer
  • The Lawyers Weekly: "Firm Carves Out Niche in Oil Patch” – April 27, 2012
  • Building Owners & Managers Association of Calgary
  • Starkids Golf Tournament Committee, Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation (Winnipeg)